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* Added a section detailing the replacement of a toshiba power socket with a generic socket, listed under the Repair section.

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Looking after a laptop computer is not much different from looking after a pet.

With a little care and attention, it will reward you by being a useful and reliable computer throughout its operational lifetime.

This website provides practical advice on the care of your laptop and useful information on how to carry out basic maintenance and repairs, step by step.

If you like reading books, check out the following...

Read this if you intend to do any form of repairs on your laptop or notebook

Remember though that a laptop computer is a complex and fragile piece of equipment. You should only carry out repairs with the utmost care and only if the warranty period on your laptop has lapsed. If you are doubtful about the possibility of being able to repair your laptop, send it to a qualified repair centre rather than breaking it yourself. If you plan to send your laptop to a repair centre for repairs, never forget to secure all your files before you send it in. If possible, remove the hard drive or have it removed by the technicians and handed to you. This is because the technicians working on your laptop will be able to see EVERYTHING you have on it. This includes pirated software, MP3 files, pirated movies, your personal porn collection, and most importantly, any trade secrets your laptop may contain from your work. Unless the hard drive is at fault and the data is irretrievable, it should NEVER be allowed to be accessed by anyone you do not know or trust!

Sourcing parts can often be a difficult procedure, due to the massive amount of brands and models of laptops, many of which have proprietary hardware that is incompatible with other models. The safest bet is to source parts from the manufacturer of the laptop, or one of the official repair centres of the brand of laptop to be repaired. Alternatively, a quick search online will often find many suppliers of parts for many different brands and models, often at quite competative prices (This can be useful given the hinges for the toshiba model laptop used in the demonstration here cost AUD$30 per hinge!)

You are dealing with electricial equipment and at all times, safety comes first! Remember, it only takes a tiny bit to kill you, if it hits the right spot.

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