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Many modern laptop power supplies get very hot while in operation, and it is very important to make sure that the power supply is not covered by anything while in use. Personal experience has shown that it is possible to overheat a laptop power supply to the extent that its case melts and warps. Overheating can drastically reduce the lifetime and reliability of the power supply, and can result in damage to the laptop as well.

Caring for peripherals is dependant on what the type of peripheral. In all cases care must be taken when connecting the peripheral so that:

The connector or connectors are not forced.

Pins on the connectors are not bent or damaged.

No foreign objects are in either the socket or plug.

Damage to peripheral connectors on laptops is often only repairable by replacing the laptop motherboard, or by carrying out some very risky repairs involving soldering. More often than not, soldering will result in the entire laptop becoming unusable, even for experienced people. It should not be attempted except as a last resort or if a spare motherboard is available. Replacing the motherboard can cost a thousand dollars or more, particularly for newer models. All peripherals, including PCMCIA (PC Card) devices should be removed when the laptop is being transported. Again, personal experience has shown that not removing peripherals can cause severe damage if the laptop is dropped.

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