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So, you have a comment or question? Please send them using the form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Usually it takes me a day or two, depending on work load (I need money to live too!).
Please do not leave requests asking if I can fix a laptop for you. Unfortunately I lack the time and materials to carry out full repairs myself. I am however quite happy to provide advice, and even happier to do so if encouraged (hint: try offering a donation! I can accept creditcards through PayPal). Remember though, This is advice as from my experiences only. I give NO guarantees!

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Anyone found abusing this query and feedback service will be banned from accessing this server, and will have their ISP notified, so if you have a criticism, please refrain from using abusive language. Repeated submissions will simply result in the duplicates being deleted, and most likely put to the back of the queue of queries to be answered.

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