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Dust and dirt do build up underneath the keys all keyboards, including laptops. The easiest way to remove this is either carefully to vacuum the keyboard (be careful not to suck keys up, as spending hours going through vacuum cleaner dust is not fun!) or to blow the dust and dirt out with compressed air.

Many commercially available products are made for removing dust from keyboards, heatsinks and the like. Try looking at Things for removing dust (such as compressed air in a can)

Keyboard in laptop

Keyboard partially removed

Often the greatest damage done to both laptop and desktop keyboards is when a liquid such as coffee or lemonade is spilt on the keyboard. For desktops it is usually easier and cheaper to get a replacement. This is not really the case for laptops. Depending on the severity of the spill, sometimes the keys can be carefully removed and the keys and inside of keyboard wiped clean, however not all laptop keyboards are built to have their keys removed. If the spill is very severe, for example a full glass of drink entering the keyboard, the laptop should be shut down as quickly as possible and the battery removed until the laptop can be checked for damage. If possible, attempt to drain excess liquid out of the laptop, but try and avoid spreading the liquid over the inside of the laptop. For less severe spills, the best course of action is to try and mop up as much of the liquid as possible, and to remove the keyboard for inspection at the earliest possible opportunity.

Keyboard completely removed

When spills have occurred, the keyboard can be washed out with distilled water. Care must be taken to ensure that every little bit of the spill is washed out, and that the keyboard is completely dry before it is reinstalled. While the keyboard may not work perfectly, this treatment may make it last a little longer, at least until a replacement is found.

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