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A basic guide to repairing common problems in laptops

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If you have any useful sites about repairing or disassembling laptops, or if you have links for similar sites, please tell me about them using the Feedback and Query form

Google Search: This is the place you can find almost anything... Always my first stop when hunting for information or parts.


Laptop to Digital Picture Frame: Homemade Hack Resources
A great resource for converting an old laptop into a digital picture frame, contains links to software, hardware how-tos and many other digital picture frame resources.

Repair4Laptop: Do-It-Yourself Laptop and Notebook Upgrading, Modding and Repairing
A very useful site on repairing and upgrading laptops, with links to many detailed pages for many different brands and models :: Laptop, PDA, and Portable Modding Community
A community dedicated to the modification of portable devices such as PDAs and laptops. Has forums and many links to articles on various modifications made to laptops. Definitely worth a look if you want to add some individuality to your laptop (think spraypaint!).

Disassemble, repair, take apart, upgrade, clean Toshiba laptop or notebook
Contains many disassembly guides for newer Toshiba laptops, including many of the Satellite A series.

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