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There are many things that can go wrong with laptops. While not all are repairable, it is possible with sufficient care and knowledge to carry out basic repairs on your laptop. This can save money. It can also save time, as your laptop will not have to be sent away for some days to be repaired.

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Although many laptops are held together in slightly different ways, the steps below should help give you an idea of how to disassemble your laptop. Remember, this should only be attempted if you have some experience with building and pulling apart computers, and should never be done while the laptop is still under warranty, as it will be voided.

To disassemble a laptop, the only tools you will usually need are screwdrivers. A lot of care must be taken to ensure parts are not damaged and the location of parts must be noted to ensure that the laptop can be reassembled correctly. The description below will give you step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the main parts of your laptop.

NOTE: You will need to use some very small screwdrivers to remove some of the screws. Often a generic set of screwdrivers will only contain one or two which will actually fit the screws used in a laptop. If you do not have any screwdrivers suitable for the disassembly of your laptop, or need a specific type of screwdriver, try looking for Screwdrivers here.

Before you start, ensure that no peripherals or power are connected to the laptop, and that the battery is removed. As with disassembling any computer, static electricity buildups should be avoided, and if possible, an anti-static strap should be worn. If you don"t have an anti-static strap, you can wash your hands or touch an earthed object (such as a tap), it is advisable not to wear synthetic or woolen clothing.

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