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Removing the faceplate of the screen:

Screen faceplate bottom Screen faceplate side Screen faceplate

Remove the screw covers from the front of the screen below and if applicable, above the LCD.

Remove the screws carefully, and make a note of which holes they came from.

Ensure that there are no other screws holding the front faceplate down.

Carefully slide a finger between the front faceplate of the screen and the LCD panel. Try and avoid putting pressure on the LCD panel. You should hear a crack (not of plastic breaking, but of plastic clips disengaging) and the front faceplate should start to come away from the screen.

Carefully slide your fingers around the bottom and up the sides of the inside of the front faceplate to unclip all the clips holding the faceplate down. If a clip seems to be unusually difficult to disengage, check that all screws have been removed.

Lift the front faceplate up to disengage the top clips. The front faceplate should now be separate from the screen.

Screen Inverter

Underneath the front faceplate, there will usually be two major components, the inverter, which powers the cold cathode tube of the LCD panel and the LCD panel itself. This is the one place in a laptop where high voltages are present, NEVER touch the inverter if the laptop is on or has been on recently, as you may be electrocuted.

Screen Inverter

To remove the inverter, undo any screws that hold it down, then carefully disconnect the two cable bundles hooked up to it. The two thick wires on one connecter run to the cold cathode tube in the LCD panel. The large bundle of thin wires runs into the cable bundle that connects to the motherboard. Care should be taken with these as they are easily damaged.

Removing the LCD panel from the screen (assuming the front faceplate has been removed):

Removing the LCD

Remove all screw covers on each side of the screen.

Carefully remove each screw holding the panel down, and all the screws on the side of the screen, making a note of which hole each came from, while supporting the LCD panel so it does not fall out of the screen.

Move the LCD panel forward until you can reach the plug used to connect the panel to the motherboard of the laptop. Disconnect this carefully, as damaging either it or the connector on the panel will mean you have to replace them.

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